Luxury Postcards - What are Silk Postcards, Suede Postcards and Foil Stamped Postcards?

Silk coated or silk laminated postcards (sometimes shortened to ”silk postcards”) are postcards with a very smooth matte lamination applied. This silk coating is significantly thicker and smoother than typical matte finish cards, which results in a luxurious effect. Suede postcards are similar, but suede is a matte lamination with a more velvet-like feel.

Whether planning to mail postcards for your business or use them in another way, creating a printed piece that stands out above the rest is important. At Vermillion Silk we print some of the highest quality postcards available with the combination of our high end offset presses, thick and premium card stock, and our smooth matte coatings. Larger pieces like our luxury postcards work great as invitation cards, holiday cards, handouts at events, etc.

luxury suede invitation cards with raised gloss, black suede postcards folded to 5x7 Suede coated invitation cards with raised gloss over the bottle image. 7x10, folded to 5x7.  Read More

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