How to Design Your Silk Business Card for Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a very interesting process. Besides further enhancing the presence and power of a business card, foil stamping adds a new material into the mix and helps to create a business card that is even more unique.

Recognizing how foil appears as a contrasting material will help you utilize this difference to strengthen your silk business card design. The dynamic of how light reflects on foil, vs. our silk lamination is something that simply cannot be reproduced on a screen. This contrast in materials creates a point of interest for the eye; because of this foil stamping often works best with simple designs.

silver foil stamped business card

(Oftentimes a simple approach with foil is best and creates the greatest impact)

Light hitting vs. not hitting foil directly can change perception of contrast in a big way. On a screen, silver on white, might seem too hard to read, but silver foil stamped on a white card, often has more than enough contrast, since when light is not directly hitting the foil it can appear rather dark, and when it is, the foil will appear significantly brighter than the rest of the white card stock.

silver foil stamped business card with blind spot gloss

How thick or thin can foil stamping be to come out in print?

This is a common question, and the answer is that in most cases there's no need for concern. It's recommended that you don't fill more than half of one side of a card with foil as this can create inconsistencies and the foil texture will be more easily noticeable (whether that's good or bad, depends on what you are looking for).

Foil can be very thin, but certain patterns with many extremely thin pointed lines may have difficulty being reproduced. The quickest test is to create a 2 pixel wide line in Adobe Photoshop and compare it to the glyphs in your typography or the thin areas of your design elements. As long as elements are 2 pixels wide or wider, they should come out in print and foil stamping.

unique business card silver foil stamping

Finally, if you ever do find yourself with a design that is too complex or thin for silver or gold foil stamping, our CMYK foil printing process will be able to accommodate it. Though it isn't as bold as foil stamping and cannot be paired with silk lamination, the strengths of CMYK foil business cards are that they allow complex designs and unlimited reflective colors.

See more of our foil stamped business card examples in our unique business card gallery, or customize your own foil stamped business cards for printing today!

Ordering Unique Silk Business Cards - Why Service is so Important

When ordering unique business cards, what's your biggest concern? Usually it's that you want to be sure the files you send in are going to come out right, and match the image of the unique silk cards you envision. Working with business card printers can be a stressful experience. After finally perfecting your design, you upload your files and wait, hoping that your business cards will come out the way you planned. At Vermillion Silk, we take an approach different from most printers to ensure you have peace of mind when ordering unique silk business cards of your own.

silk business cards

We realize the complexities involved in more customized, unique business cards. Besides the color of the ink, there is the look and placement of the spot uv, and foil stamping. With so many variables involved it is even more important that you feel confident that the design you provide us for print will come out the way you imagine.

Vermillion Silk goes the extra mile to not only provide a free digital proof for your files, but to take the time to review your design and understand the look you want to achieve. If you are unsure about how a certain grey or black will come out, we will help you with CMYK values and even let you know the exact values of our sample cards for reference. If we believe your design might benefit from spot uv here, instead of there, we'll let you know. 

silk business card with spot uv gloss photo

Starting as designers and small business owners ourselves, we know how much great service can make a difference. If you are working on a unique business card design right now and have a question about how an element in your design will turn out, please get in touch!

What are Foil Stamped Business Cards?

Foil stamped business cards are silk coated business cards that undergo an additional process where silver or gold foil is imprinted on one or both sides of the business card. Adding foil stamping is very appealing and immediately stands out because of the way it reflects light. Adding silver or gold foil tastefully can elevate the luxury appeal of your silk business card design.

foil stamped business card photo

Some of the most creative foil stamped business card designs incorporate spot uv gloss along with the foil stamp to add to the variety of textures and materials on the card. The above photo is a great example of this using gold foil stamping on the front and a spot uv pattern on the back. Ink is used for the dark grey background of the card and the text, but the remaining design elements are composed from foil and spot gloss.

foil business card photo

Foil stamping can be applied as a design element, but is also commonly used to stamp a brand logo or text in foil. At first glance it might seem complex, but Vermillion Silk's setup process is easy for the designer. A designer can indicate where foil should go on the business card by uploading a separate mask file in black and white. Black areas will have foil stamped and white areas will be blank. The setup is explained in detail on our file preparation page.

The mixture of textures from the silk coating, foil stamping and spot uv gloss are a joy to feel in your hand. Your customers are sure to be impressed when they receive a unique business card like this.

silver foil business cards photo

Vermillion Silk prints a variety of unique silk business cards. Our silk cards with foil stamping can include spot gloss, die cut rounded corners and more. Customize your foil stamped silk cards, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!  

What are Silk Business Cards?

Silk business cards, (sometimes referred to as silk coated business cards or silk laminated business cards) are one of the most luxurious and highest quality types of business cards. Silk coating is a lamination process that gives business cards a unique silky smooth matte finish. Besides enhancing the look and the feel of the business card, silk coating makes a business card more tear resistant and helps with water resistance.

silk business card photo

If you aren't familiar with the feel of a silk business card, there's a chance that you've felt silk lamination on product packaging in the past. Some of the most common examples are boxes from Apple and Google products (ie: iPhone, Macbook, Tablet packaging) seen in the photo below.

silk coated packaging

Traditional uncoated card stock or even full uv coated stock has a cold cardboard texture that is not the most pleasant. Thick silk coated business cards have a nice smooth and silky feel as you slide your fingers over them. There is something to be said about a unique business card that not only looks great, but feels great in your hands. When that new client or potential customer holds your business card, the quality immediately reflects the care you put into every detail of your business and brand. A unique business card helps to cement that great first impression and instills that extra bit of confidence and excitement in your customer's mind.

foldover silk business cards

Vermillion Silk prints a variety of unique silk business cards. We have silk cards with foil stamping, selective gloss, unique cut sizes and more. Customize options for your silk cards, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!